Love Notes

by Leite

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Love Notes is the first album by Spanish/Brazilian composer Rodrigo Leite. It's a very delicate and personal one, working like a cathartic kickstart for the composer's carreer from a low profile key, where he intends to start its mutations through the following works to come.
It speaks of personal situations and describes a life changing process.
Musically it's an intimate album, ranging from american folk, to bossa nova inspired rythms, grunge and indie rock, all blended in an genuine acoustic recording, playing himself all the instruments besides the contrabass, performed by his colleague Renato Souza.
The artwork is brought by graphic artist and also the current touring drummer for Love Notes presentation tour, Leticia Rodriguez. It comes in an innovating format which Rodrigo calls the DSD: disco sin disco, or, disc without disc. A book featuring the album's graphic art intended to go togheter with the digital music. When you buy the music, we will deliver the book to you wherever you live, so you can enjoy the whole Love Notes experience.


released October 7, 2016

Music and lyrics by Rodrigo Leite, all instruments performed by Rodrigo Leite except for the contrabass performed by Renato Souza.




Leite Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Let
Let the rain come down
Let the pain come out
Let the fire burn
Let the pages turn
Let the sky turn black
Let the soul feel sick
Let the teardrop fall
Let it break your wall

Let it fall apart, let it break your heart
Whatch as life loose sense
Let us understand again...and again, and again....

Let it all come down to the ground, let it fall
Let it come and let it go

Would I become one with everyone, will all this be gone?

I will fall and I will rise up, we all will at some point(in our lives)
Will we ever realize this, will we release from ourselves, ourselves?
Track Name: Cold Wood
Cold wood, heal my mind
Warm touch feeling fine
One more time, here with me
Let me rise again

Cold wood, dancing wires
Sounds good, whispers light
One more time, here with me
Let me rise again
It won't take too long to me, to rise again
It won´t take too long to rise again
Track Name: Soul Caress
I see you're going through some kind of stress
All you need is just a soul caress
It's time to throw out all that shit and rest
Cause this weight that you've been carrying, doesn't belong to yourself, maybe it does to someone else, but all you need is just a soul caress

And you will see, is just a phase
And like the winter will fade away
Abd you'll no longer feel this emptyness
Cause all need is just a soul caress

You speak it seems that no one understands
But don't forget about this good ol´ friend
Cause people talkings I couldn't care less
I know you're worried and that's all right but you should hold on to your faith, put those worries on their place
Cause all you need is just a tight embrace
Track Name: Love Notes
Strings are strong and straws are light, stressed folks in the street, trying to restrict, training time, try not to succeed
Trees are falling from the leaves now three times every year
Treasures hold a beam of light which grows big as we bleed

Towards the time and standing at it, carrying much more than we could
Were crawling back into our cradles, writing love notes to our hopes

Triumph left a trail of tears where should be only joy
Disagreed with everything, he build just to destroy
Trust in me, I trust in you, in trust we trust my friend
Truth is what we hold on to, to comfort ourselves
Track Name: Washing By
Took a beer and tried to relax
Separate fear from facts
Same mistake, no turning back
When the world seems terrifing, the words tries to justify, but there comes the tears washing by

Sliped away, one more success
Sometines no place to hide at
Wonder when joy's coming back

When the world...

Just got over todays test
Sometimes this is hole of a mess
And still giving all the best

When the world seems a scary place, we all try to find a way, but only the tears wash away
Track Name: Sweet Homes
Wind is blowing stronger than usually
Wheels keep turning, smoking the fresh air
News keep coming, nothing new at all
Circus burning in every sweethome

Hear them roaring, hear them screaming, asking for blood
Search for glory, or just ignore it, while we grow old

Strangers keep coming, day after day, just like an army made out of clay
Still the wind is blowing, the sun went away, sky turned cloudy, at the end of day
Track Name: Animals
If you ask me how will we survive, well I don't know
Or if you think we will thrive
Well maybe so
But if you look into the past, you'll see nothing has changed
In some ways weve improved a lot, nut cruelty remained
And everything we thought was kept and locked with seven keys
Is an animal about to be released

Now maybe you wonder why to try or why to go
Or if you think that we should fight, then would say lets go
But just dont expect the world tp be what is yet to be
Though after all weve tried it all in order to be free
Were still just slaves to our own race and to ourselves indeed
But we are right on time to be released

Or are you one of those who say that we are doomed
The end is near and judgement day is coming soon
Even if our species disappear its not to be blue, cause our disappearance.would be the course of nature too
And if god does exist I guess he would not feel deceived, Id even bet hed rather feel released

But this animal inside us isnt like what we have learned
Were affraid of our own nature cause we think we might get hurt
But if you look into yourself, youll find nothing but peace
To understand our nature is the only thing we need
Then we should all look for and find our own seven keys
Cause this animal was born to be released